lunedì 28 luglio 2014

Little white dress & Red shoes

A little white dress and coral shoes for a magical evening at the home of friends. 
For stylish outfits, cool and totally chic, the charm of the petite robe noir declines in the summer in key ultra white
The little white dress never goes unnoticed nor fashionable, you wear it from day to evening and lends itself to various interpretations, with the ability to change the soul and mood depending on the accessories and lines it takes. It can be formal and saucy, seductive or engaged. 
Not by coincidence, the choice to wear the Violavinca coral shoes and accessories from the soul "Moroccan". 
I'm curious to know what you think! 

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venerdì 25 luglio 2014

Taj Palace Marrakech

The Atlas Mountains, a huge garden of palm and olive trees, carriages and horses. The Taj Palace Marrakech is a resort between fable and reality, where the magic of One Thousand And One Nights is much more than a magic.
A true reality immersed in a setting that looks amazing, with a splendid view of the Atlas Mountains.
Do you recognize it? No??
I give you a clue....Sex And The City II!
If you did not know, the movie takes place in Abu Dhabi but in fact the location where they were made ​​the shoot is Morocco and the Taj Palace Marrakech is the charming hotel which hosted the 4 girls.
If it's your birthday, your honeymoon, your wedding anniversary, or even if does not use any opportunity, treat yourself to reach the Taj Palace in a carriage drawn by two white horses; or choose to sleep in Royal Suit, the most beautiful of all the 161 rooms: large 500 square meters, situated on the top floor of the building and offers a wonderful view of the mountains.
Architectural Elements in the Moorish style, Indian and Venetian without forgetting the touches of Thai style mingle in one of the most luxurious resorts in Marrakech where "what you want, you will be given." A bit like rubbing Aladdin's lamp... spa, swimming pools, steam rooms, sauna, bars, restaurants, disco, gym open day and night.
The hotel is located in the tourist district of Marrakech, Le Palmeraie, and is about 30 minutes from the Medina, where you can find restaurants, French-style bistro and a large part of the locals.

giovedì 24 luglio 2014

Turquoise freedom

Yes, if you're wondering, turquoise and blue are my favorite colors. Especially in the summer, in the winter you know that I am a black addicted!
Did you know that the color of our clothes speak about us? Reveal hidden emotions!
For example, turquoise is a color that lightens the mind and spirit, recalls the colors of summer, a breath of fresh air when you feel the need for freedom.
I would say I hit the jackpot! Exactly what I need at this time.
So what does the Smurfette (only in color: P) of the situation?
She wears her favorite color in a total look peaceful, like the ocean, enriching it with MAve bijoux that I showed you here and the romantic clutch Vale.Ri (here).
What do you think, do you like?
If you are curious to know the "secrets" that lie behind your favorite colors, let me know so I will prepare a nice post ;)
See you soon

martedì 22 luglio 2014

In love with MAve bijoux

A dip in the blue painted blue and I fall in love with MAve Bijoux
From the beautiful blue waters of the tropical seas, with thousands of colorful fish that make up the fauna, were born bijoux MAve inspired by sea creatures that populate them and the beautiful corals that make them so "precious". 
Seashells, starfish and seahorses join the metal leafed and colored Swarovski to make them shine like the rays of the sun that plunge into the sea. 
In the facebook page MAve Bijoux (here) you can find a variety of "species" to "fish" for a summer to remember! ;)

domenica 20 luglio 2014


Loose, soft curls with beach waves effect, or collected at art in bun, ponytail and braids.
These are the trends of hair for this summer 2014.
The hair is collected so messed up with a beach effect texture, with natural waves or defined, or creating volume on the front of the neck.
Indispensable braids, soft with tousled hair, or herringbone. Even the crops are embellished with braids, creating crowns around the neck.
The bun is gathered above the head: messed or bulky. Not missing the classic low bun, stopped behind the head, with the ​​hair in an orderly and rigorous way.
And to complete the hairstyle what can not miss? Accessories.
Jewel bands, bandanas, floral crowns and multicolor scarf to stop light to the imagination!

venerdì 18 luglio 2014

Borse gioiello Gedebe

Italian leather and embroidery luxury come together to create the bags Gedebe
Accessories haute couture, creating a unique style recognized for its originality and craftsmanship. 
A sophisticated and amazing mix, which combine strong elements, such as studs, contrasting with delicate details, such as natural stones or pearls
Weavings, carvings and embroidery give life to the jewel bag absolutely contemporary. 
The new summer collection of handbags Gedebe is characterized by the reptile skin and shades of pink as the radiant orchid (which has dominated a little bit all the collections of the summer), not to mention tones like orange, turquoise, green, yellow and light blue. 
One of the hottest crazes of the summer is also one of the animalier bags and the brand gives space to mini bag and handbag with speckled surface, with soft bases or pastel colors, not to mention leather versions with pony central panel and zebra variants with profiles in neon colors to contrast. 
Needless to say that they are all in my wish list!